When it comes to their education, your kids deserve the best. Agape is tech education like you've never seen it before.

Kids learn coding, computer engineering and networking,
creating a virtual world with their friends,
using a computer they learn to build themselves.

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Hi. I'm Lauren.

As a mum, an engineer and an educator, with a career spanning space, robotics and high-tech start-ups, I understand how important it is to prepare our kids for the new tech-centric world they're entering.

Working on the inside, though, I also know how much of our tech, especially tech for children, is designed to be addictive, to spy on our kids, and to drain our wallets through endless micro-transactions.

With Agape, kids become creators, not just users. You can show them a world where they're empowered to build their own positive, private online spaces, while gaining a deep understanding of how tech works, and having a lot of fun too!

If this sounds like something you and your kids would be interested in, then welcome! I'd like to invite you to join our exclusive parents' community. Agape isn't quite ready to launch yet, but in the meantime I'll send you an email every three to four weeks packed with development updates and my take on the latest in STEM education and tech. You'll also be eligible for a generous discount on the first batch of kits when they begin to ship later in the year.


Apply now to join our exclusive parents' community.

Curious to learn more about our STEM education computer kit? Here are the details.

* 5 inch screen supplied as standard. Larger screen and music module are additional options.